School Supplies for Afghan Children

SMSgt Rex Temple with school supplies being shipped on Oct. 28, 2010 from Tampa to Zabul Province, Afghanistan.

UPDATE NOVEMBER 14, 2012:  With great sadness we are announcing that our School Supplies for Afghan Children Project has come to an end. With Rex’s retirement from the military & new civilian career, we simply don’t have the resources to keep the program running. We want to thank the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation for the ability to run the program under their organization from 2009 to 2012 and fully support the foundation’s decision to end the project as we move away from the Foundation’s home base in Tampa.


Since I returned from Afghanistan, our school supplies drive  actually became a college level course at University of South Florida’s Honors College. Please get in touch if you would like to help with a drive at your school, your church or another community organization you are involved in. If you are currently serving in Afghanistan and need school supplies for your area, also please get in touch. You can email us at or you can also follow our latest news on our Facebook page here:

More information about the USF course click here.

Thanks so much for all the support.  We have managed to distribute tens of thousands of donated items to thousands of Afghan children since

The Junior League of Tampa “sustainers” (from left) Liz Reynolds, Marty Sears and Pene Herman with 52 boxes ready to be shipped to Afghanistan.

starting this project in June 2009 under Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, a registered 501c3 nonprofit. We’ve had lots of wonderful folks across the country in 17 states so far collecting supplies and we’re happy to have you join our mission! Below you can read how the whole thing got started thanks to one very special child in Kapisa Province.


Afghan school children look through a broken classroom window

Afghan school children look through a broken classroom window

They crowd into a dimly lit room and sit quietly on the concrete floor or wooden benches.  The paint on the walls is peeling and the inside room temperature frequently reaches a hundred degrees and drops below freezing during the winter.  An occasional breeze blows between the broken shards of glass still attached to the window frames.

These students meet in an "outside classroom" under a tarp

These students meet in an “outside classroom” under a tarp

They wait patiently.  These are not prisoners, instead this is the daily routine experienced by thousands of Afghan children attending school.  The school I depicted is typical of remote village schools here in Afghanistan.  The children attending the school I described are fortunate because some of the remotest areas don’t have school buildings and classes are held under a large shade tree or an awning.

Afghan children in Uzbin Valley, June 2009

Afghan children in Uzbin Valley, June 2009

I have visited a few schools since arriving here and can attest to their conditions.  Many of the schools do not have electricity or running water.  The teacher uses a special green spray paint on concrete in place of a chalkboard to guide the lessons.  It amazes me the discipline displayed by the students in these less than favorable environments.

Afghan boy with his donated ballpoint pen

Afghan boy with his donated ballpoint pen

These children have an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and will endure substandard conditions to pacify their yearning to learn.  Unfortunately, the schools don’t have enough teachers so they accommodate the children by having rotating shifts; one of the schools I have visited has so many children they are on triple sessions.  The wealthier students carry a notebook and a pen or pencil to record the teacher’s instructions; however, majority of students are so poor they have no supplies and they have to rely on memorization.

While visiting a remote village in the dangerous Alisaya Valley and being mobbed by children for pens and paper, I met an outspoken 8-year-old boy.  His powerful words have resonated with me and given me a renewed purpose to fight the Taliban and the insurgents using non-lethal force.  For a more detailed explanation about my encounter with this brave child, please see this previous blog entry.

July 9, 2009: Winning this war with education

Children asking for pens during a medical mission

School children asking for pens during a medical mission

After that encounter I begin formulating a plan with my wife Liisa to provide school supplies for these children. Armed with my idea and an energetic wife, we teamed up with the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. in Tampa, Florida, a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization.

About 100 boxes full of donated school supplies wait for shipping at SS American Victory in Tampa (Nov. 2009)

Contributions to this foundation are tax-deductible and 100% of the proceeds (no administrative fees) will be used to support this project.  Those wishing to make financial contributions should make their checks payable to the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. and in the memo section or on a post-it note, the donor

Angela Vlachos Ruth, former Executive Director of Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, with SPC Kit Lowe and Foundation Board member and H&K partner George Howell

should write:  Afghan School Supplies Fund. Checks should be mailed to

Brian Jordan

Holland & Knight LLP

201 N. Franklin Street – 12th Floor

Tampa, FL  33602

You can also donate online with a credit card through this link – make sure when you finalize the transaction that you choose “Afghan Children’s Fund” in the drop down menu. All donated funds will be used to purchase school supplies and for shipping items to Afghanistan.

American Victory at seaIn Tampa, Florida, school supplies can be dropped off at WUSF studios at University of South Florida’s Tampa campus or you can call us at (813) 765 5886 for a pick up. Our main emphasis is to provide basic school supplies to include spiral notebooks, pencils, and pens to the impoverished students along with whiteboards, markers, erasers and chalk for their teachers.    We will gladly accept coloring books, crayons, metric rulers, and pencil sharpeners.  A generous donor (requesting anonymity) has joined our team and will provide a backpack for each student (our goal is to help 7,000 children in the first phase of this project).

Lastly, you can help us by recruiting a church, a school, a corporation or a private organization to conduct their own school supplies drive as part of this project. If you are interested, please contact me through this e-mail address: or leave a comment on the blog.  Unfortunately due to poor Internet connectivity I may not be able to respond personally, but my wife monitors  both the e-mail address and the blog’s comment traffic; she will be able to provide additional details to interested parties.

On a mission in Serobi this summer

On a mission in Serobi summer 2009

I may not be able to capture Osama Bin Laden personally, but I can defy the Al Qaeda and Taliban ideology by helping to educate tomorrow’s leaders in Afghanistan.  So if you want to join our team and this fight for education, please send me a response or better yet – send me some school supplies.

Primary supplies:

  • spiral notebooks
  • pencils
  • pens
  • whiteboards
  • markers
  • erasers
  • chalk
Secondary supplies:

  • coloring books
  • crayons
  • metric rulers
  • pencil sharpeners
  • children’s scissors
  • construction paper

Contact e-mail:

Financial donations: Make checks payable to The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. and in the memo section or on a post-it note write:  Afghan School Supplies Fund. Mail checks to The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, PO Box 2877, Tampa, FL  33602. Or donate online by credit at

Tampa, FL drop-off location: SS American Victory Mariner’s Memorial and Museum ship located behind the Florida Aquarium at Channelside.

If you would like to collect and donate school supplies in the Savannah, GA area, you can drop off your donations at Colonial Quilts. For more information, click on this link.

You can also read about the connection between the Tampa and Savannah drives in this Washington Post article.

Wounded soldier collects school supplies to send to Afghan kids


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  1. I am working the state of Mississippi and possibly parts of a few other coastal states! With Liisa and I on this… we will make this BIG! : )

    • If you can send me the address,. my co-workers and I will buy and ship direct to save your group time and money. We love shopping and sending stuff.


      I think you have my email but it’s

      • Marten says you can ship directly to him. I will email you his address! I also just got an email from our “IRA GUY” in Germany. He is donating $100 to help pay for shipping the items from the schools in Mississippi to Afghanistan! I am so excited!!!

      • I’d also love to ship school supplies direct, if that’s still possible. My e-mail is (

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  3. My local DAR Chapter looks for a charitable project to support at each meeting throughout the year. Please provide the address to which the supplies are to be sent?

    Do you want new backpacks as well?

    • Donna,
      I know your reply is a couple of years old, but if you and DAR are still looking to help, we’re still over here (in Afghanistan). I have 10 US Soldiers covering seven provinces and working side-by-side with Afghan Soldiers teaching them how to take care of the civilians in their area. I don’t know where to start to ask for support, so you are literally the first reply!


  4. Dear Rex:

    As I was on my morning walk, I overheard your story on NPR. Your brilliant idea of attacking the Taliban by educating tomorrow’s Afghan leaders left me truly moved, inspired to take action and ignites my motivation to contribute to your mission.

    I live in Gainesville, FL and am employed as a Freelance Print Designer and Website Designer. My wife and I would both like to facilitate a school supply drive at both the University of Florida and Santa Fe College to raise school supplies for your project. As I know shipping will be a issue, I am also looking into sponsors to assist with the cost of transporting the supplies.

    At your convenience, would you please email the details and contact names of whom to coordinate this effort through? And so you know, I am hungry to begin the process of organizing the resources to make this a reality!

    In closing, I would like to tell you thank you for serving our country! I also value your understanding that we win minds and hearts by making the youth of the world more intelligent.

    Safe Passages to you and your team!

    _ _

    Best Regards,

    Tom Romero
    Creative Director
    _ _

    Phone: 352.395.6651
    Fax: 352.395.6651

  5. After reading about Capt. Freeman in the 8/30/09 Wash Post, Scene and Heard by Ashley Halsey III on p.3 of the Metro section, a Google search pointed me to your site. Your presentation is worth the effort.
    Thank you for your service. Come home safe.
    God bless.

  6. Great stuff – I am going to try and rally some of my website readers and army reserve unit members around this cause. HOOAAHH!!

    Great stuff!

    Major Chris LeCron

  7. Dear Nephew Rex and Liisa,
    Just a note of thanks for so much interesting information you are sharing with us. Reading your articles helps us to know you much better. We are sure proud of what you are doing and showing the compassion you have for all people. The school project is a great idea and we will help support it. We do continually pray for you and all the military to keep all of you safe and bring you all home safely. We appreaciate all yous do. We love you. Thank you Liisa for all your wonderful support and help. You make a wonderful team! With our love,
    Uncle Blair and Aunt Rena

  8. Dear Rex,
    We will get some money off to the Holland & Knight Foundation to help with your school supplies. As I have said before I enjoy all your writing and it gives us knowledge of what you are doing. Liisa we are so proud of what you do to. You are a good team. Love Aunt Carole & Uncle Clark

  9. How do I, get some stuff to you from my house here in Wintr Haven Fl. Will go to K- Mart and get school supplys for you

    • We will e-mail you separately and maybe meet in the middle between Winter Haven and Tampa to do the pick up. Liisa, SMSgt Temple’s wife

      • That will be fine, You pick the date and time & place. But could you make it some time after this weekend. I will get my retirement check Saturday. Then I can go to K-Mart. If that is ok, with you.

  10. Send me that direct address and we will also send school supplies from our childcare center.

  11. I have a ton of school supplies that I can ship. Could someone please send me the address?

  12. What you are doing is so very, very important!! I would love to help! I will do some brain storming on this and so what I can come up with. I am sure I could get donations from Church, work, friends and family!

    God knew what he was doing when he put you in that place at that particular time!! He works all things for His Good!!!



  14. My friend and I crochet bell shaped hats made with acrylic yarn. Would you be interested in these for your school children? 200 to 400??

  15. I am Matthew Freeman’s mother. I want to thank you all for helping to fulfill his dream. I’m thankful to Kit for making this dream come true for Matthew.

  16. We have school supplies that were bought to send to Iraq schools but have lost our connection. Would you be interested in them ? spiral note books (60), colored pencils (22bx-12ct), markers (14bx-8ct), fine markers (2-36ct) , Bic pens (6-10ct), mech pencils (4-24ct), lead pencils (8-24ct), sharpeners (4), assorted stuffed animals (used in packing)

    Would like to have a phone number if possible because I’m not too good with e-mail?

    Hilde Cross 941-484-1904 (Venice FL)
    Venice-Nokomis Federated Republican Womens Club

  17. I am an elementary teacher in an Dep. of Defense school in Okinawa, Japan. We are in the planning stages of doing a “Yen for Peace” fundraising drive for Gregg Mortenson’s schools in Afghanistan and Pakistan. I think it would be wonderful if we could also collect school supplies for you. We would be able to send you the boxes via MPS. Would that be possible?

  18. I went to high school with Captain Matthew Freeman and his facebook memorial group led me to this page. I think this is such a great cause. What an amazing way for us civilians to help our heroes fight this war. i really admire all that you do.

    I live in Chapel Hill North Carolina and my co-workers and I would love to donate school supplies. If you could email me the direct address that would be great. Thanks!

  19. Hello Rex & Liisa!
    Just a note to say I am excited to tell you that Kit’s alma mater, BC, hosted him this morning as a guest speaker. He spoke w/ “his” style and has given the men of BC a reason to gather those supplies… The school to school supply drive has begun….

  20. I knew Capt. Matthew Freeman & his family…. his mother Lisa Freeman taught both of my children in her Science class in the Richmond Hill area of GA. I am still in shock over the loss of such a fine & brave young man as Capt. Matthew Freeman. He was a delightful person to know. Both of my children went to school with him. He will be greatly missed…. My prayers & regards to his family & all who knew him. I will do my best to help in this touching effort of a dream. Please send me the address to where I can send the needed school supplies which I will be collecting, with some sort of date they are needed by & any other information which will help me to help further this great cause. I have already posted to my face book page in honor of Veterans Day…. My prayers…My hopes & dreams for a brighter, better, & saver Nation of Nations… by the grace of God… for all.. to come !!

  21. I knew the Freeman family while we lived in Richmond Hill. What a great family and Matt will be missed. I am visiting Savannah this week end and will make a donation at Colonial Quilts.
    We are so very proud of all you are doing to help fight the war on terrorism and giving us this chance to “do our part”

  22. Good article written, just found it using google. I immediately bookmarked your blog ! Have a fantastic day!

  23. keep up the good work…

  24. I just wanted to thank you very much for this enlightening article. I have already bookmarked your site, when I have more free time I am going to have to do some further browsing.

  25. I would love to have my three grandchildren involved in this project learning about the Afghani children, boxing up supplies and sending them. My question: Are they mailed to a stateside address then shipped to Afghanistan? How does that work? What is the cheapest way to mail them? I want the children to do it. They are the peacemakers. The world is in their keeping as are we. Thank you for this effort and your service. Please advise.

    • You can ship to our main location in Florida or directly to Afghanistan. The price is the same if you use US Postal Service’s large flat rate box. Each box costs $11.95 to send. We will send you more information via e-mail.

  26. Can I drop off any supplies (pens) at USF St. Petersburg?

    • We don’t have a drop off site at USF St Petersburg. But we have another option for you. We’ll be in touch via e-mail.

  27. Hello, I’m with the MacDill AFB youth center in Tampa. I’m trying to put together a community service project for the kids. I’m pretty sure we can do a school supply collection. Not so sure about collecting cash donations. Would like to help out.

    • Hey there – my wife tried to e-mail you but got no reply. Did you still want to do something at MacDill?

  28. Mike – Rex is away for a few days. I respond to you on his behalf via e-mail. Liisa Temple, SMSgt Temple’s wife

  29. I found your website after thinking about the climber you mentioned in your story I heard his story on NPR
    I am parent of an only child in a large extended family and Have an abundant supply of many of these things. Is there an address I can ship them to ?

  30. I was happy to see a picture of some of the school supplies I sent and your thank you. I have white boards but am waiting until spring because I know you have a limited area to store supplies. Please let me know if I should send more boxes now or wait.
    Your web page is fantastic and I’m glad you and your wife had an opportunity to visit Germany. Thank you and your wife for your service to our country and distributing school supplies to the children.
    Be safe and let me know what you need. Renee

  31. Dear Rex and Lisa,

    Thank you for your work. We would like to send supplies but do not have the address. Would you email it to us? Also, do you accept gently used supplies?

    Thank you.

  32. thanks !! very helpful post!

  33. Social comments and analytics for this post…

    This post was mentioned on Twitter by LiisaTemple: So proud of my hubby and his school supplies for Afghan kids project; special page now up on his blog #Militarymon…

  34. I am here as a contractor. I am in touch with many families and have handled distribution of school supplies through my church and friends.
    If you need an APO address to send more supplies through, feel free to contact me.
    Currently I have no more coats back home in PA, so I’d better move to FL some day when I return. All of my coats are being worn by the citizens of this great but humble country.

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  36. Although, you are finally on your way home and I praise God for you safe return, I have a group who are interested in donating supplies to service men still in the field. Can you connect me to who could help me with our donations?

    Thank you for your service and again welcome home.

  37. […] An encounter with a village boy prompted Temple to start a school supply drive. Before leaving, Temple’s team distributed more than 700 boxes of paper, pens and other school materials. (The school supplies drive continues – for more information click here.) […]

  38. The work that you are doing is amazing! My brother served in Afghanistan-Helmand province- and he told us about the conditions there. I’m so excited to see so many people reaching out to help these children and raise a new generation in Afghanistan.

  39. […] details on his blog: Afghanistan My Last Tour and his efforts quickly turned into a fulltime School Supplies Drive managed by Temple and his wife, Liisa Hyvarinen Temple. Their efforts have not stopped since his […]

  40. […] thing is he and Liisa continue collecting school supplies for Afghan children even though Rex returned April 22, 2010. Their project has been adopted by university students […]

  41. Dear Rex,
    I thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart for all that you’ve done and are doing for the people of a war torn country that have been leaving in tyrany, without security and peace for over 30 years. I’m sure that your experience in Afghanistan has helped you grow more personally and be grateful for all that you have in your life. I’m from Afghanistan, currently living in VA and I work for the Marine Corps. Reading your blog made me cry from joy that someone like you can sympathize with the situation and Afghanistan and at the same time look at the pictures you’ve posted made my heart melt for the misery that the poor innocent children are enduring there. Have a merry Christmas and a happy New Year. I hope that you return back to your wife and dogs safely soon.

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  43. […] blog Afghanistan – My Last Tour in early 2009; in conjunction with that blog he started a school supplies drive for the children in Afghanistan in June 2009 after having been in the country for less than two […]

  44. […] education system in Afghanistan or any of the living conditions in general. Between reading the School Supplies for Afghan Children web page, Three Cups of Tea and listening to Professor Temple and her husband Rex speak my eyes […]

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  46. […] I read things like that it just makes me so passionate about what I am doing with our school supplies drive and I want everyone to be as excited as I am. Not only should people care because they would be […]

  47. […] I read things like that it just makes me so passionate about what I am doing with our school supplies drive and I want everyone to be as excited as I am. Not only should people care because they would be […]

  48. […] organization that collects school supplies for Afghan children is one that can find a place in the heart of nearly every person out there.  I personally posses a […]

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  55. […] If you want to make a difference, click here:  School Supplies for Afghan Children. […]

  56. I’m willing to send supplies directly to Afghanistan rather than to ship cross country to Florida. Can you email me the address please?

  57. […] has been 43 days since I first learned of the School Supplies for Afghan Children charity drive and became committed to a truly meaningful project donating tools to educate […]

  58. […] be interested in this charity but most important was another distinction. When you give to School Supplies for Afghan Children you give more than a pen or notepad you give a child an ability to pursue an […]

  59. […] to get tens of thousands of visits despite Temple’s return a year ago. He also started a school supplies drive for Afghan children which he continued after returning to the states. SMSgt. Rex Temple presents his father with his […]

  60. […] efforts to collect school supplies began through his military-award-winning blog, “Afghanistan: My Last Tour.” The students, like Temple, are documenting their charity work and progress through their […]

  61. […] to get tens of thousands of visits despite Temple’s return a year ago. He also started a school supplies drive for Afghan children which he continued after returning to the […]

  62. […] he revised his resume to include elements like his school supplies drive for Afghan children that he started while deployed and continues. They’ve shipped almost 18,000 pounds of supplies […]

  63. […] this semester called PR Issues where my students are creating a social media cause campaign for School Supplies for Afghan Children. My challenge is finding resources to help my students learn how to raise awareness and donations […]

  64. […] in Afghanistan. During the class students will study the operations of three different non-profits (School Supplies for Afghan Children, Wounded Warrior ProjectWounded Warrior Project and the Bob Woodruff Foundation) and […]

  65. […] for Afghan children. Senior Master Sergeant Rex Temple of the United States Air Force formed School Supplies for Afghan Children while touring in Afghanistan. After witnessing firsthand the daily life of Afghan children and […]

  66. […] June of 2009, Sgt. Temple and his wife, Liisa Temple, started School Supplies for Afghan Children, under the Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation. By using his blog, Sgt. Temple and his wife […]

  67. […] promote our upcoming event and the objective of the School Supplies for Afghan Children campaign, we are using different social media tools, including Facebook, Twitter and our WordPress […]

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  69. […] do not have any books or pens/pencils and paper to take notes with. On SMSgt Rex Temple’s website, he said, “The teacher uses a special green spray paint on concrete in place of a chalkboard […]

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  71. […] Dr. Kelli Burns‘ PR class at the School of Mass Communications. This class adopted “School Supplies for Afghan Children” as a class assignment for the last four weeks of the semester. They learned how to use […]

  72. […] feels so blessed to have been able to support School Supplies for Afghan Children in its noble cause. We learned a lot about a great charity and we had a wonderful time working on […]

  73. Maggie still talks about the boxes she sent to the children in Afghanistan. She proudly displays the little gift one of children made for her along with a thank you letter to her from a Florida senator. So glad you are home!
    Mrs. Cynthia Bowers
    proud wife an USAF pilot and mother of twins

  74. […] page. You can also read the story of how the project got started by visiting SMSgt Rex Temple’s blog. Packed boxes ready for […]

  75. Hello!
    I have been looking at your program for a long time and I think what your doing is great! I have been interested in maybe participating with my high school as a service project and donate backpacks, pens, and other school supplies for the children. The real reason why I want to do this service project is not only for my moral code, but to give hope to the children and to their families that are less fortunate then I am. If I can volunteer in any way I will either be willing to go and deliver them these gifts to them. Please let me know!
    Thank you for your time,
    Please Email me at

  76. […] I am enrolled in a class at the USF Honors College titled “Social Media, Social Change.” As a marketing major, I thought it would be a fun way to get a more in depth knowledge of marketing on the vast Internet.  We have only met twice this semester, and already I am overwhelmed at the world changing scope that the assignments and overall purpose of the course.  It is not often that our curriculum provides us with hands on examples to the real world, and it is extremely rare to find the opportunity to make a large impact while simultaneously learning ourselves. For more information about how the project began click here. […]

  77. […] my mind was racing with ideas of constituent groups I could ask to support the collection of School Supplies for Afghanistan Children.  My thoughts kept returning to my sorority Delta Delta Delta, and just five minutes after class […]

  78. […] doing better. For a more general overview this particular link provides a good base of information: Share this:TwitterFacebookLike this:LikeBe the first to like this […]

  79. […] will be. Will you stand with us? If you are following us for the first time, see how it began at: Group of kids holding up their new school supplies. Their opportunity for choosing. Photo Courtesy […]

  80. […] School Supplies for Afghan Children, a non-profit based out of Tampa has given me the name and address of a soldier in northern Afghanistan. I will send the boxes to him and he will distribute them to schools and children he encounters as part of his daily activities. […]

  81. I would like to thank all US for what they have done in Afg so far within their Civil Affairs teams and PAO… Highly appreciated by all means !!
    helping out the kids with school supplies and doing small constructions for schools is a great work ,

    US people is very kind and generous !! no doubt about that ,

    Thanks a lot for your great work again , wish you all the best !!

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