Coming home

At home at last.

Despite delays caused by regime overthrow in Manas, a volcanic eruption in Iceland, a refueler strike in the Azores and delays caused by aircraft maintenance…. After 60 hours of sleeping in chairs – I am home at last! Warmest thanks to my wife Liisa’s former teaching assistant Sarah Wilson for this homecoming video. (If you are looking for information about the “School Supplies for Afghan Children” project, please click on the tab at the top of this page.)


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  1. I told myself I wouldn’t cry. I lied. Welcome home!

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  3. I cried too! Welcome home Airman! Thank you for your service and your sacrifice to our country. Thank you for bringing your words and pics for us to hold on to and help us feel closer to our own over there. God Bless You and your beautiful family!

  4. Welcome home! Thank you for all you did for us and those abroad!

  5. I needed some tissue too,.. brought me back to when I was reunited with my son. Thank You Rex for ALL that you have done,. you made such a big impact to many lives,… God Bless and Welcome Home !!!! YEA !!!!

  6. Welcome back! Thanks for your service.

  7. Great video! Welcome home, Rex!

  8. Welcome home Rex!! I’m so happy for both of you. Thank you for sharing the video. I’ve have tears in my eyes.

  9. Rex, sure wish we could have been at airport for you. But circumstances prevented us from being there. We have really enjoyed the video, of course it brought tears, even after watching it the third time. Thanks for all you have done for our country!!

  10. Dear Rex,

    Just watched the video. Like your Mom I had tears also. So happy you are home after your long hectic trip. Tell Lisa Hi. She looks great also. Love Aunt Carole

  11. I saw this linked on Twitter (I’m @delaneygates) and I’m so glad I watched it. As a military wife myself, I got all teary-eyed when I saw this. God bless you and thank you for your sacrifice. So thankful that God brought you back to US soil safely.

  12. Rex, WELCOME HOME!

    This is an amazing video of your homecoming and I’m privileged to have seen it. It is a wonderful tribute to you. Thank you again for your service and sacrifice to our nation. Thanks also to Liisa for her unwaivering support while you were serving our great nation in a combat zone. Liisa is awesome! Love to you both. Enjoy some well-deserved time together.
    Love, Aunt Lois

  13. P.S. As an Army spouse and mother, seeing this brought tears of joy to my eyes also. Brings back many memories of moments of our homecomings with thankfulness that prayers were answered.
    Aunt Lois

  14. WELCOME HOME !!!!!

  15. I wept with pure joy just like everyone so, so very happy to see you in the arms of your beloved and back on sweet home land.

    Welcome home dear soldier. Thank you, for literally, everything.

  16. We’re so happy Rex is home safe. Thank you for your service to our country. Looking forward to doing some hiking with you!!! Tex & Cindy

  17. Wow, that was just great! I just experinced a homecoming almost two weeks ago. There is nothing better! Glad you are home safe and sound!

  18. Rex, you are home. You are safe. And it feels very, very good. Welcome home.

  19. Senior,

    Welcome Home! It was an honor to work with you this past year. Thank you for tracking all the times (good and bad) we had as a team. Sorry we all got split up at BWI. We will get together soon I’m sure. Take care and enjoy your time with Liisa and the “kids”.

  20. Will miss your updates, but am glad to see you safely home. Your updates allowed my to keep up while my son was deployed. He is safely back to.
    Msgt, USAF Retired

  21. Rex, I’ll miss the updates from Afghanistan, but glad that you’ll home. I came across your blog while surfing several months ago and enjoyed “staying in contact”
    I got home in Nov. after spending last half of my tour at new Gamberi Garrison outside J-bad.
    Take Care and Thanks.
    Senior Chief Loveland, US Navy
    Former Mayor, Camp Blackhorse

  22. Glad you’re back, however, I miss your posts, as you were stationed in the same area and at the same time as my son in the 173rd.

    Thanks again, for an excellent blog. The photos you provided allowed me to show our family where our son was and what he was hoping for, (possibly similar to your school efforts), and with the assistance to the ANA.

    Keep up the news and information. This is the way to keep this effort in focus and allow the Afghan people to determine their own future.

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