If you would like to help pay for shipping of all the donated school supplies to Afghanistan, you can do so by making a tax deductible gift online at (make sure you mark: Afghan kids under description) or send a check payable to The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, Inc. and in the memo section write:  Afghan School Supplies Fund. Mail checks to The Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, PO Box 2877, Tampa, FL  33602.

You can also donate new and used school supplies. We have drop off sites in the Tampa Bay area and also in Savannah, GA or we will be happy to help you with shipping directly.

For more information check the tab titled “School Supplies for Afghan Children” or email


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  1. My husband is currently deployed in Afghanistan, I have to say, its nice to read this everyday. It makes me feel a little closer to him than I have since we became a part of the Army family.

  2. I am a sophomore in high school and would like to donate school supplies. Can you let me know where to send them? thanks

  3. I would like to help my children organize a school supply drive in our community and in their schools. Can you please send me the address of where to send these supplies so that they can be passed out to children in Afghanistan and/or Iraq.

    I am in awe of what you are organizing and want to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping to spread compassion throughout the world.

    Thank you so very much.
    Shelley Whalen
    Southlake, TX

    • Shelley – this is Rex’s wife Liisa; check your e-mail. I sent you the information you need to the e-mail address you provided.

  4. Rex,

    I sent an email to your gmail account. Check it out and let me know when to give you a call.
    Keep your head down and stay safe. My regards to everyone.

    Maj O.

  5. Thanks for all you do.
    We have pencils and a few other things we would like to send for your school project. We would like to send it directly to you since we will have to incur the expense to send it somewhere.

    Joy is a retired teacher.
    Rosendo is an ex Marine, has been blind for 30 years and is the blind man who walked from Florida to California in ’83 and from the World’s Fair in Canada to Mexico in ’86.

    We want to support people to go above and beyond the call of duty; and although our support will most likely seem small, it is given with a great deal of love.

    God Bless you in your efforts.

    For what it is worth, “khotso” as in means “peace” in Sesotho, spoken in Lesotho, Africa, where Joy was a Peace Corps Volunteer and later on a USAID education project.

    • My wife Liisa will send you the direct address via e-mail – thank you SO much for being part of the project.

  6. hello
    i have been sending used clothing to the camp phoenix apo box for the last 7 years…the person in charge has always been changing since colonel matt mattesson. i was wondering if anyone at camp phoenix knows if all is still okay there to receive clothing donations since the taliban attack in jan?
    thanks for any help on this.
    go safe and thanks for helping the people of afghanistan,
    telluride colorado

    • I came across your post and would love the address of where you are sending clothing to. My husband and I are both active duty AF in Japan and have bags and bags of new/used clothes we’d like to donate, but have had no luck finding something local. All of the people I know downrange are really only needing school supplies, and we’d really like to get these clothes to people who truly need them. If you could provide me with an address we’d love to help. Thank you so much!
      Danyiell Lockwood

      • hello there danyiell.
        i hope you are still are in need of a place to send your clothes as i did some more emailing and found a wonderful contact in Kabul at Camp Phoenix.
        I did not see your post in July and just stumbled upon it today so I hope you get my posting.
        There is a chaplain there that will take the donations and distribute to the refugees around the region.
        Here is the contact information
        Chaplain Booth
        VCR Program/Chaplain Section
        APO, AE 09356

        and here is what they accept:
        We will accept the following used (or new) items:

        Also school supplies: (not limited to)
        -artistic items like glue/tape

        We really appreciate the donations. We have way over 100 soldiers,
        sailors, airmen, Marines, and civilians out here who, each week, separate and disperse these items to refugee camps, schools, youth shelters, and women’s shelters to name a few. The items don’t need to be new at all. Nothing goes to waste. (Note: Since this is a Muslim country, we cannot distribute items with Christian/Jewish
        symbols on them.)

        I hope that helps and I hope you can send some warm things to Kabul as winter is coming quickly.
        Most Sincerely

  7. hey my name is danielle i would like to send a gift package to afghan kids like toys and pen and paper….particularly little girls! is there a website i can have that i can send them things

    • Hey Danielle
      Here is the address to send clothes for refugee children in Afghanistan:

      Chaplain Booth
      VCR Program/Chaplain Section
      APO, AE 09356

      • Hello –
        Since this last post is over 2 yrs old, I was wondering if this program with Chaplain Booth still takes clothes donations for women, children and men in Afghanistan. Thanks for any feedback you could give me; I would appreciate it as I really want to make a donation. Karen

      • We unfortunately had to shut down out charitable efforts in November 2012.

  8. Hi! I was wondering if i could send some really nice cloths to a 9 year old girl! They still fit me but I think you deserve them more. How do I get them to you? I am 9 years old. Thank you and email me back.

  9. i always have some cloths to donate and would love to send them to afghanistan. in addition, i could collect some school materials from my community where there are many afghani families.


  10. Is this organization still active? I served two combat tours in Afghanistan and I was looking for an organization that would provide me info on how/where to send clothing/shoes to Afghanistan (children).

    • No we no longer ship to Afghanistan. We closed our charity in November of 2012.

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