My “kids” Sam & Charlie

Charlie and Sam both want the same toy

Charlie and Sam both want the same toy

These are pictures of our “children” Sam and Charlie.  They are Golden Doodles (F-2) which are a hybrid of a Golden Retriever and a standard Poodle.  My wife Liisa enjoys the fact they are hypoallergenic and don’t shed.  I like the fact they are big and fun to play with. We call them “the boyz” and I will sorely miss them during this next year.

With Sam & Charlie morning of deployment, May 2009

With Sam & Charlie morning of deployment, May 2009

Their daily routine includes an early morning trip five days a week to the Davis Islands dog park In Tampa where they have a standing play date with Jack, Cohiba, Calusa, Rocky and Maggie.

The “boyz” like to have treats in the weekends – their favorite is scrambled eggs. Daddy likes to also include bacon; “mommy” won’t do any bacon as you can see from the evidence!

Sam waiting for his eggs

Sam waiting for his eggs


15 Responses

  1. Dear Rex, Liisa shared your blog with us. We will be following your tour with you and will keep you in our hearts. Thank you for the sacrifice you are making. We will be thinking of you each and every day.
    Heather & Robert

  2. You’re a lovely family, bi-peds and quadri-peds alike.

  3. Learned of this in tbt. I pray every day for the safety of all those in harms way. I am thankful for your sacrifice as you and the others are standing in the gap for our freedoms. I look forward to following along as you share from there.

  4. Rex,thank you for serving your country, and for giving us a glimpse into your life. I hope you get home safely to your wife and “children.”
    I have a friend that has a 6 month old Goldendoodle.
    They’re precious dogs…..

  5. What a beautiful family! Too often we do not have the opportunity to thank our military families for all that they do that also contributes to our freedom.

    Thank You, Liisa, and your Golden Doodles – and Thank You to all the family members who may have access to this message.

    Judi – and my two Toy Poodles, Snowball & Buffy
    Jeff & Linda – and their Golden Retriever, Chief

  6. Dear Mr. Rex,

    I have organized the facebook group for captain matthew freeman. I am getting demands from the 600+ members (and friends of Matt) for an address to send Mr. Lowe letters and cards. Please ask him if it is okay and have him contact me or please send me his address.

    Thank you!

  7. Oh my, I love these pictures. I can’t wait to meet Sam and see Charlie again. I hope they are as playful as when Dad and Kyle were down for their trip.

    Love Always,
    Annie[your Little Sunshine!]

  8. Beautiful family! 😉 thank you for sharing so much with us. You are constantly in our prayers. Till you all come home again safe and sound. we love you all. we appreciate you all. Thank you for your sacrifice and for the freedom we love so dearly! God bless our soldiers past present and future!! Keep them safe! Bring them Home soon!

  9. We have Roxy, she’s a Llasapoo. I needed to give her to myself as a birthday present 6 years ago. She’s been one of my most precious gifts.
    On her birthday I believe she would be very happy with a gift of some sort of Doodle, as would I.
    While babysitting a Yorkie many years ago I also had to make him eggs for breakfast. However it was necessary to alternate the days, if given two days in a row he would reject them as leftovers. He weighed about four pounds and his name was Goliath.

  10. I just couldnt leave your website before saying that I really enjoyed the quality information you offer to your visitors… Will be back often to check up on new stuff you post!

  11. I bookmarked your site. Thanks for all the reading material. I enjoy reading here!

  12. hey, found you on yahoo. really like the site. keep up the good work!

  13. excellent post, you must got another subscriber 😉

  14. Dear Rex, i am very interested in going to the military or marines. I’d appreciate it if you contacted me by my e-mail and would also like some info for my school report on my career! thanks

  15. Rex, thank you for your service to our country. Liisa, thank you also. So glad you have Sam and Charlie to keep you company.
    My daughter and I just came back from Garmisch and had a wonderful summertime visit. It rained most days.

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