Post Office Doesn’t Like Me

Me with lots of donated school supplies arriving at the camp.

Imagine it’s your first day on the job and you are responsible for picking up the mail and incoming packages for the camp.  You visit the main post office and in a wooden bin they have a stack a mail of that hasn’t been picked up in awhile.  Then you ask the question “Is there any other mail?”  The clerk has this sheepish grin and leads you out back to a metal storage container.  Inside the container, there are hundreds of boxes marked with your camp’s address.  As you examine the boxes closer, you notice most of these boxes are marked for a SMSgt Rex Temple at your camp.  You have never met this person and your vehicles don’t have enough spare room to haul all of these packages.

This is what transpired recently with our new mail clerks.  The old unit pulled out and a new unit replaced them.  Their first phone call was back to the garrison commander or First Sergeant because they were shocked to see the massive amount of boxes waiting for pick-up and delivery to the camp.  They were totally speechless and tried to figure out who I was.  Coincidentally, their First Sergeant is also one of my B-Hut mates and he found me.  I explained in detail about my school supply project and also showed him my massive collection of boxes.

Conex is full of school supplies.

The next day, the mail clerks took a trailer to load all of these packages into.  Meanwhile, my team was still working on supply items being stored in our metal conexes.  We have inherited a collection of junk and stuff from the previous 3-4 owners and now we are trying to give it away or properly dispose of it.  While at the conexes, one of my

AF Captain and his cape.

teammates (AF Captain) provided us a few laughs.  He found a piece of material and pretended it was a cape and ran through the parking lot.  Not wanting to miss out on a Kodak moment I took his picture.  This is one of the reasons I always carry a camera in my pocket.  You just never know what you might see.  This picture will be cataloged with my collection of officers doing bizarre things … lol.

AF Captain trying to fly .... lol.

Later in the afternoon, the mail truck returned to camp with two trailers of packages and letters.  Apparently the other team was in such a hurry to leave here, they stopped picking up the camp mail and it had accumulated for some time.  When I walked past

School supplies stacked outside post office.

the trucks, they were stacking the boxes outside the camp post office.  One of the soldiers recognized me and said, “Hey, you are the guy!”  I didn’t know if that was good or bad, but judging by their demeanor and sweaty T-shirts, they seemed to be a little bit agitated.  However, after I explained about my school supply project and the purpose, they were very understanding.  In fact, after they off-loaded my boxes from their trailers, they assisted me in loading up my pickup truck with all the boxes.   Some of my teammates joined in and we formed an assembly line and stacked them against the walls of my storage container.  We still have the Herculean task of segregating the contents inside the boxes and then prepare them for future distribution.


Bernie, the little camp puppy (previously called Bonnie before it was revealed "she" was a boy).

On a side note, Bernie, the puppy, had a tragic accident involving a contractor’s vehicle.  I guess his curiosity got the best of him and he is no longer with us.  I am going to miss that little guy.  The French had agreed to vaccinate him too.  Not only do people struggle for survival in this country, but the stray dogs and puppies do the same.  But on a

Vixen and her new friend.

positive note, Vixen has found a friend and they love to play games and the other dog is extremely friendly too.  Vixen has become quite the watchdog at night barking at strangers approaching the building.  Today she and her friend were playing tug-o-war with an empty plastic bottle.  Watching them play and frolicking about made me miss Sam and Charlie.  I get to see my “boyz” on Skype quite frequently, but they no longer respond to my voice commands.  It has been a long year away from my pets; I just hope they remember me.

Sam and Charlie night before deployment in May 2009.


4 Responses

  1. This boy of mine has been trying to fly since he was very small. Just does not get it he is not an angel or superman. Thank you so much for catching this. Daughter and i got such a kick out of it. Just call him Merdock and say trash bags, trash bags , trash bags. Don’t tell him where you got the info. Thanks for getting such shots. Daughter an I scan each and every picture just to see if we can get a glimpse of him. Prayers are with you all. Be blessed and highly favored and peace in my heart one more day as I saw his face and know for that moment he was ok. May you be blessed and highly favored for sending home things we would never know. You are so clueless the joy these emails give my daughter and I. Hmmm as she called me and told me to pull up my email she said to her friend, you want to see a really handsome guy. She adores her brother. Thanks again.

  2. Awe sorry to hear about Bernie. 😦 But it’s good to see a officer willing to clown around a bit . And the boyz will still love you.

  3. I have a relative who is an electrician, who is working with the Air Force. I don’t know if you know her. She is a great Airman. She has only been there for about one week. She may not be where you are. Tell her I said Hello!!!

  4. Hi Rex,

    I just wanted to personally say thank you to you and your team for the hard work and dedication you have put into the school supply project! Some friends and I are really excited to pack more supplies this weekend with Liisa. So gear up for the next round of boxes and stay safe on all the deliveries 🙂


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