This week’s radio interview

Here is this week’s conversation with WUSF Radio’s reporter Bobbie O’Brien, which aired yesterday during “All Things Considered” and will air again today during “Morning Edition“; the conversation focused on more corruption with the ANA and the lack of consequences for it. 3-2 MLT Bad Water Flows

If you want to read the transcript of the entire radio presentation, click on this link

My Last Tour: An Old Dari Proverb


2 Responses

  1. Good interview.

    Only President Karzai can address ANSF corruption through the ANSF chain of command. The buck stops and ends with him. Pres Karzai has operational and tactical control over all ANSF through the chain of command.

    I feel for you. It is heartbreaking. America alone has given the Afghans over $40 billion in grants. Other countries, over $20 billion in grants. [grants, not loans.]

  2. Can I ask which province you are based in? Do you mentor a Corps HQs, Bde HQs or Battalion HQs?

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