Camp animals

Vixen wants to join in the fun.

Since today was Liberation Day celebrating the Soviets departure, my ANA counterparts were off.  I used this as an opportunity to catch up some administrative work.  My Captain had Command Post duty, so I visited him and we worked on the paperwork together.  He inspires me while I write bullets for decorations and evaluations.  While there, I went outside and watched Vixen chase a much larger dog around in a circle.  It was humorous to watch and when I realized this would make a good picture, they stopped chasing each other.  Another unnamed dog came over to join in the mix.  This new dog didn’t want to play with Vixen and every time she tried to join in, the other dog would nudge her and Vixen would succumb by rolling on her back.

Camp dogs playing.

There are quite a few wild dogs running around ANA land.  Most of them seem friendly, but I know of some areas where the dogs will chase vehicles and based on their demeanor, I would not stop to pet them.  Of course GO1B prohibits us from touching them anyhow.

Cats are quite abundant too, especially on the US compound.  They are in charge of rodent control and allowed to roam free.  Today I caught one of them sleeping on the hood of an up-armored Humvee.  I’m a dog lover, so I hope Sam and Charlie will forgive me for taking this picture of a stray feline….lol

Camp cat sleeping on Humvee hood.

Local kebab shop.

Towards late afternoon I visited the small bazaar area in the back section of the camp.  My nose was attracted to the aroma of beef kebabs being slowly braised over hot charcoal.  I have walked past this little wooden shack on many occasions, but today my olfactory senses were being overwhelmed and forced me to investigate.  The chemoreceptors in my tongue are deeply indebted to me as a result…lol.  They were delicious and it was served with chopped up fresh tomatoes, warm Naan bread, and garnished by a half-spoiled orange.  I give him 8 points for presentation minus the rotten sliced orange.

While at the kebab shack, I ran into a familiar face.  We are both from the

AF MSgt from MacDill AFB, Tampa, Fla.

same home station.  This AF MSgt is about done with his deployment and will be returning to MacDill AFB, Florida shortly.  He was a mentor to the Afghan National Police and had quite an exciting time here too.  In a few months, I too will return to sunny MacDill and hopefully we can have a drink together.  Oh, MSgt, the next time you pose for a picture, remember to remove your hand from your pocket while in uniform.


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