Just Another Day

The temperature here has been see-sawing back and forth lately and leaning more towards the warm side than the cold.  However, at night the mercury takes a nose dive down into the 40’s and if there is a breeze, it’s much cooler.  According to some contractors who were here last year at this time, they find it strange too.  Last year by this time, there were several inches of snow on the ground.  I am not going to complain, because I am not looking forward to trudging through the snow to get to the shower house.

I attended the ANA BUB (Battlefield Update Briefing) or at least I think this is what the acronym stands for.  This is the meeting hosted by the ANA General with all of key leaders to discuss the daily happenings.  Since my first meeting, they have added PowerPoint presentations to the briefing.  This really enhances the briefing and I am able to discern where the IED attacks and insurgent attacks took place.  Previously it was done by word of mouth and I didn’t have a clue because so many people talk when our translator is trying to interpret what was said.

After the BUB, I returned to the office for some administrative work and also worked on my personal laptop.  I think my laptop is beyond repair and ready for the cyber grave.  But before I bury it, I still need to extract the photographs and all of my blog entries.  Tomorrow I plan to have a permanent fix.  In the interim, I am using my work computer.  It’s not the same environment as my personal space in my B-hut.  But I manage to make it work.

This afternoon we did our weekly inspections on the vehicles.  Our newly promoted SMSgt was able to fix the loose air brake line.  He used a crescent wrench the size of his arm to tighten up the threads and stop the air leak.   Not sure how it became loose in the first place, but it is fixed.

Afghan girl with donated school supplies.

I also relocated 70 boxes of school supplies to the conex storage area.  I received most of these while I was on R&R in Germany.  In addition, I have taken over the Beanie Baby program for Lt Granger who finished her deployment and departed for the US.  This program Beanies for Baghdad originated in Iraq when Army Major Jim Barker was sent a beanie baby and requested more.  Since then, the program has spread nationally.  They too provide school supplies, Beanie Babies, stuffed animals, sports items, and Frisbees.  They have been shipping these items to Iraq and Afghanistan.  If you would like to make a donation or learn more about this program, please visit www.BeaniesForBaghdad.com I am happy to be teamed up with this great organization.

Donated Beanies Babies lined up and ready for a new home.

Local News:  President Karzai suspended the winter break for the Lower Parliament.  He is planning on submitting a new list of cabinet minister nominations.  What is surprising is the list contains names of cabinet member nominations already rejected by the Parliament.  It will be interesting to see if Parliament rejects the names again.

Also UN Chief Ban Ki Moon is pressing Afghanistan for election reforms.  The Parliament has announced they are going forward with the Parliament elections on May 22.  They need about $120 million to support this election.  There is approximately $70 million left over from the presidential elections and they feel foreign donors will give them the additional $50 million to hold the elections.


2 Responses

  1. SMSgt. Temple,

    As the official Beanie Baby man in Afghanistan, you’ll be glad to know you have a garbage bag full of stuffed fun coming courtesy someone associated with USF or WUSF. Liisa picked up the bag, along with 9 boxes full of school supplies, from the station today.

    Good luck and Godspeed, Sir.
    Mark Schreiner

  2. Hello, my name is Felicia and I came from Sweden. In school have we worked about war and I’ve gotten really interested in the subject of war and I would like to write a book about it. I looking for a person how have experienced war in Iraq or other country, how want to write a book whit me about it.

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