WUSF interview for yesterday and today

Had a chance to chat with WUSF Radios Bobbie O’Brien again while at Bagram. We talked about the how it is to return to camp after mid tour leave, the COIN strategy and some frustrated troops whom I met who are leaving Afghanistan after their deployment.  Here’s the link.

My Last Tour: Returning to base


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  1. To Whom It May Concern:

    New member to American Legion. My branch of service was in the USAF-Texas Air National Guard. Reading the history of the American Legion is remarkable. I was very surprised to find out how much they assist our troops with supplies that they may need at any time. I never served overseas so I really like to read the stories that you may have to share with me it is exciting to read war adventures in someone elses eyes. To find out the truth and how it works in the real world besides what you read in the newspapwers and on t.v. It is worth the research of finding out. I am very honored to be part of an organization that supports Operation Comfort Warriors.

    I will do my part and try to contribute as much as I can, when I can. It is nice to be part of the cure. I hope the American Legion meets its financial goal to support our troops. It is good to know that the money and support really does meet the troops. So that they know that someone cares about their well being during a trying time.

    Have a wonderful New Year 2010.

  2. […] and some frustrated troops whom I met who are leaving Afghanistan after … Original post: WUSF interview for yesterday and today « Afghanistan My Last Tour Share and […]

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