Touring and X-C skiing

Pond at Linderhof Castle.

It was another frigid morning and the mercury had dipped to 21 degrees outside.  It was a perfect day to do some sight-seeing.  Today we revisited some of the sites Liisa and I previously saw so our visiting friends from Tampa could enjoy them.  Our first stop was the Linderhof Castle.  This time while our friends went inside the

Me leaning on a tree.

castle, Liisa and I decided to hike the royal grounds.  The pond I previously featured last week was partially frozen over, but the royal swans still swam up to greet us.

Liisa and I hiked to the top of the hill overlooking the castle.  The Grotto or the king’s cave was closed for the winter.  We had some fun trekking through the fresh virgin snow and I couldn’t resist reliving my childhood years and make a snow angel.  I also tried to get Liisa to stand under a towering pine tree weighted down with snow, but she seemed to be in tune with my antics.  So I was unable to unleash an avalanche of snow down on top of her by “accidentally” bumping into the tree.

Ettal Monastery.

We left the castle grounds and drove a few kilometers and stopped at the Ettal Monastery.  Today the front altar was illuminated which allowed better pictures to be taken.  We were hoping to get inside the brewery and get a tour, but reservations are required or you need a large group of people before they open up the distilleries to the public.

German bratwursts, potatoes, and red cabbage.

Instead we drank some hot gluhwein (wine) in attempt to ward off the freezing temperatures.

By now it was lunch time and we wanted to sample some of the local Bavarian cuisine.  Next to the monastery was a restaurant that had menus translated in English and we chose this one to eat at, even though between the four of us and our limited German we could decipher the menus.  The Bratwurst meal looked very savory and appealing to me.  It came with mashed potatoes sprinkled with fresh ground parsley along with a cooked red cabbage flavored with cinnamon and apple.  I will be the first one to admit I hate cabbage, but it just sounded so good that I was willing to force my taste buds to try it.  My intuition was correct and this red cabbage meal was delicious.  Of course you can’t have bratwursts unless it is accompanied by some good German beer.  The beer they sold was produced by the monks at the local brewery.  Lastly, the display of Apfelstrudel (apple strudel) was just so tantalizing, Liisa and I had to sample it.  It too was delicious, especially the special vanilla sauce that surrounded it on the plate.

With full stomachs, we returned back to the cabin and prepared ourselves for some cross-country skiing.  The local outdoor MWR on Garmisch had a great package deal and we paid $10 for the boots, skiis, and poles.  About 2 miles from the resort near Grainau is a groomed x-c ski trail.  The snow wasn’t tightly packed and this was the first time my friend had ever attempted skiing of any sort.  It has been 26 years since I last tried on a pair of x-c skiis too.  My friend Windy was determined to learn how to x-c ski and he did very well for his first outing.   He fell a few times, but this just made his determination even stronger.  We have an inside joke about the picture and he claims the man walking his dog punched him in his stomach and the dog kicked snow on him….lol. Windy March skiing at Grainau.

It was getting dark and we returned to the cabin for an “a la-carte” meal.  Basically we ate whatever was in the refrigerator.  Then we decided to pamper ourselves and visit the hot tub at the main lodge.  From 8:30 pm until 10:00 pm, the hot tub is reserved for adults only.  Oh did I mention this giant hot tub is located outside.  It was 17 degrees outside and we were soaking up the heated water in our bathing suits.  It felt fabulous and was a perfect way to end the night.


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  1. Beautiful pictures…love the stories about your trip…enjoy every moment! Susan

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