Fairy tale tour

Rex and Liisa in front of lake in 17 degree weather.

After brushing several inches of fresh snow off our car in the morning, we departed the Edelweiss campground and drove to our next destination.  At the higher elevation, there was even more snow.  It looked so different than it did a week ago.  Last week, we had the opportunity to see the green rolling hills and the mountains were still alive with green pine

One of the entrance doors to Hohenschwangau Castle.

trees and the various colors of the rocks reflected in the sun light.  Now everything was painted white and took on a different perspective.  The hardwood trees were thinly blanketed in snow and the pine trees looked like a pastry chef uniformly applied large gobs of white cake icing on them.  It was a beautiful sight to see.

Neuschwanstein Castle

We parked our car and caught a glimpse of the majestic castle standing proudly on the mountain side.  This royal Ludwig castle is known as the Neuschwanstein Castle.  Rumor has it Walt Disney patterned Disney World’s Cinderella’s Castle off of this castle design.    It’s also the most famous royal castle in Germany.  After you purchase tickets, you are provided an entrance time for the tours.  We toured the Hohenschwangau Castle first.  It was located across the road perched on another steep hilltop and the Neuschwanstein Castle was in sight.   After visiting the Hohenschwangau Castle, we walked down to the former royal lake.  I can still envision people swimming in this lake and fishing there

Hohenschwangau Castle

centuries ago.

It’s a little bit of a hike to reach the summit of the Neuschwanstein Castle.  The shuttle buses were not running due to snow and ice, but tourists had the option of a horse and carriage ride or “shoe leather” express.  We opted for the 20 minute jaunt to reach the summit.  At the top, we had a clear view of the

Horse carriage to top of mountain.

small town below and the natural surrounding landscape.  Many of these castles were continually reformed, rebuilt, and renovated throughout the centuries.  Even the Neuschwanstein Castle was never completely finished.  I looked at original blueprints and the castle was only partially completed.  I have also noted several common themes present in all of the castles we have toured.  Besides being lavishly furnished and decked out in gold and all of the walls contain precious paintings, there were some other striking similarities.  The king and the queen had separate bedrooms and usually on separate floors.  But they were still adjoined by secret hidden doors and passage ways.  The

The Marches pose with the Neuschwanstein Castle in the background.

fireplaces were built in a manner so the royal family would not be disturbed either.  The servants would feed the wood from a lower level fireplace or from secret compartments behind the fireplaces.

Ludwig’s royal bedroom was truly a work of art.  Instead of the paintings being the centerpiece, it was the masterfully carved sculptures and furniture that stood out.  King Ludwig employed an army of 300 wood carvers to create these masterpieces on display throughout the massive castle.  It took 60 workers a year and a half just to complete the carvings that sit atop the king’s bed and his exquisite bedroom furniture.  The carvings look so life-like down to the intricate details of eyes, face, hands, etc.   King Ludwig was also fascinated with swans and this theme is prevalent throughout his castles to include door knobs, ceilings, and a rudimentary humidifier in the shape of a large ceramic swan.


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  1. Hi there,
    I just wanted to let you know that this person – http://starbl00d-stock.deviantart.com/art/Castle-4-153173518 has stole your image and is offering it for free stock on Deviantart.
    I have reported it to the site and it will probably be removed within a couple of days. But I just wanted to let you know.

    Also, since she offered it in stock… I used it thinking it was hers, until I found out it wasn’t. Here’s a link to my artwork containing this photo – http://lateralusspiral.deviantart.com/art/Neaera-153265915
    I am going to change the credit to link to this page, but if you are not comfortable with this, just let me know and I will take it down.

    • This is SMSgt Temple’s wife Liisa: I’m sorry but you need to redo your art work without my husband’s photo. I will send you a more detailed e-mail explanation via the photo site you used to create the image.

  2. Ahem!
    I’m sick of explaining myself to that stupid little troublemaker…but in case you are you and not her disguised as you…then I will explain for anyone seeing this, thinking I’m some sort of thief!

    I bought a stock package. It was of many different castles around the world- no titles or authors- nothing at all saying not to redistribute it. This stock pack I have seen on no less that 9 other sites, all the exact same pack. In the pack is a text document stating the stock is free to use and distribute, but NOT to sell or claim as your own. I did NOT claim it as my own. I did post it but after you wrote I did remove it, this angry little girl is now trying to blacklist me everywhere and label me a thief and that is just not the case! I did as the pack stated I was allowed to do, if any fault is to be found then it should be with the original distributor of the package, not the people who buy it later on.

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