Grilled Cheese and Mother-in-Law

A home cooked meal with some wine.

Since the Commissary was closed on Monday and Tuesday, Liisa and I stopped at the Shopette to find something to make for dinner.  I was itching to cook something with the spatula I found in the kitchen drawer.  We didn’t have much of a choice while shopping, so we settled for some microwave dinners and I made some home-made grilled cheese

View of surrounding mountains in Garmisch.

sandwiches.  It was rejuvenating to be able to cook something, even if it was just a grilled cheese sandwich.

The next morning we spent some time with the security office to ensure our names were added to the data base.  We also visited the MP station to register for a fuel ration card.  Of course it wasn’t a one-stop deal either.  Afterward, we had to take

Internet and "Expresso" cafe

the paperwork to AAFES and get registered in their computer system.  But now we are able to travel throughout Germany and get gasoline at any Esso gas station.  The best part is we pay US prices of $3.18 a gallon instead of paying almost double that for European prices.  So it was well worth our time to fill out all of the proper paperwork.

We also discovered the local “Expresso” shop sells coffee and provides free WiFi computer access.  The owner was nice enough to give us the access code, so we could sit outside at night after closing hours.  This allowed us to conduct an interview with WUSF as part of the on-going special series.  The local library on the

Wall mural at Edelweiss Resort.

Garmisch compound also gave us computer access and permitted us to check out books and free videos.  By having computer access, we could research local sight-seeing places and plan our day.  I still remember a handful of German words from studying in high school, but not enough to communicate and get directions.  So I have to rely on the car GPS system, local maps, and intuition.

Liisa and Mom.

The next morning while sipping a cappuccino at the Expresso café, Liisa realized she looked at her mom’s itinerary wrong and her plane was due in at 0930 hrs instead of 1100 hrs.   The airport was hour and a half drive away and it was already 0845 hrs.  Oh well, hopefully my mother-in-law would understand.  Note to self, don’t make a habit of being late in picking up mother-in-law at the airport.  Liisa and I drove back to Munich and met my mother-in-law at the terminal.  At first, we visited the wrong terminal, but as luck may have it, her plane was late.  When we finally met her, she was apologizing because it took 25 minutes to get her luggage.  Whew…dodged that bullet.

My mother-in-law is also a humanitarian and a world-renowned scientist and ophthalmologist.   She is revolutionizing how the world views eye charts and specializes in diagnosing children’s eye diseases and disorders.  At one time, Dr. Lea Hyvarinen was one of the former Finnish president’s private physicians.  She is also the creator of Lea Symbols, an eye chart testing system, which is used widely around the world.  I was surprised that even the US military uses her eye charts when they visit foreign countries and deployments.  The US doctors are able to substitute words in any language representing the 4 symbols instead of utilizing the standard directional “E” charts.  She can explain scientifically in ad-nausea why the symbols are much better than the big “E”.  Since she is constantly traveling throughout the world, we seldom get to see her, so we invited her to share part of our vacation together.


2 Responses

  1. A great photo of Liisa and Lea!

  2. Just happened upon your blog while looking for pics of favorite places in Garmisch — Nick at Expresso is the greatest guy in town, I think! It was neat to see the picture of the coffee shop; boy, do I miss GaP. My wife and I try to visit once a year or so, and can’t wait to get back. Best place on earth; enjoy!

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