Germany is calling + School supplies drive update

From Liisa, SMSgt Temple’s wife: Rex has arrived to Kuwait and is waiting for his next flight to Germany; I am getting on a plane in a few hours. Thanks to our wonderful friends and family for stepping up and house sitting, dog sitting etc while we enjoy this wonderful time together.

Rex won’t be able to post today so he asked me to leave a few updates about the latest developments with the school supplies drive for Afghan children.

About 100 boxes full of donated school supplies waiting to be shipped to Afghanistan.

We’ve been busy. I had the chance to host Rex’s wounded friend SPC Kit Lowe here in Tampa a few weeks ago when the USF Bulls football team adopted our school supplies drive for the team’s military appreciation game. As you can see from the photo, our collection was a success and we now have about 100 boxes of supplies stored at SS American Victory at Tampa’s Channelside waiting to be shipped to Afghanistan.

SPC Kit Lowe visits with Benjamin Smet and Rick Grant, both are retired military who now teach at Oak Grove Middle and are running a very successful school supplies drive for us..

Kit was a great ambassador for the school supplies drive. Despite the severe leg injury he suffered when shot by an insurgent in Kapisa Province in August, he volunteered at the Bulls game manning one of our donations stations. He also made time to visit Oak Grove Middle School in Cleawater, Fla., to say thanks to the teachers and students who have collected so many boxes of supplies already.

Angela Vlachos Ruth, Executive Director of Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation, with SPC Kit Lowe and Foundation Board member and H&K partner George Howell

One of our many meetings was with Holland & Knight Charitable Foundation which kindly adopted our project in July. Through the foundation’s support we’ve been able to collect more than $4,000 so far in monetary donations – the latest donation of $1,000 coming this week from the Saunders Foundation.

And even after Kit returned to Savannah he found time to talk about the school supplies drive with a local TV station to help spread the word about the project. You can watch that story here. WSAV-TV: Injured Savannah soldier spearheading school supply drive

And of course, never to be idle, Kit is also busy representing the school supplies drive now that he is back at Walter Reed waiting for his next surgery. That’s him in his dress blues talking to none other than Mrs. Joe

SPC Kit Lowe talks about the school supplies drive with Mrs. Joe Biden.

Biden at a Washington reception – of course the topic of the conversation was the school supplies drive.


Below is the transcript that goes with the WSAV-TV story as well.

Injured Savannah Soldier Spearheading School Supply Drive

Shot in a firefight, months in the hospital, in rehab, trying to recover.

Specialist Christopher “Kit” Lowe is back home for a few days of holiday fun with family.

Lowe isn’t moping around during his recovery, he’s making the most of his time helping others.

“It’s something I can do an be passionate about while I’m at Walter Reed recovering instead of being one of those guys who’s a recluse,“ explains Lowe.

Kit Lowe is far from a recluse, he’s met heads of state, traveled, all in the name of helping kids just like yours. Those living in squalor in Afghanistan.

“They are more welcoming and happy to see you,“smiles Kit. “Like your own kids are when you do something nice for them.“

The boxes are filled with school supplies. Just part of the almost 2000 pounds given to the school supply drive from 12 different states.

But these mean more to Kit. They came from his Alma Mater, Benedictine, and other schools in the area he talked to personally.

“It means a lot that they were able to take something that I said and do so much with it,“ says Kit.“They could have dragged their feet but they been great about helping me out.“

Help that these kids need so much. A pad, a pencil mean the world to youngsters who have so little.

It’s given new meaning to Kit’s life, a new chapter after Afghanistan.

“It’s made me a more motivated person and the fact I have something positive in my life to do,“ says a satisfied Kit.

Positive is a good thing for Kit right now. Facing surgery to repair his leg in January, then 3 months recovery.

A Thanksgiving with family gives him a smile, and gives his mom, Sandi, who’s been staying with him at Walter Reed Medical center a break from the emotional roller coaster.

“I’m his support, I’m there whenever he needs me to be there,“ explains Sandi. “I’m there for his emotional and physical assistance, mostly emotional support.“

Support in the form of food, love and hope. Knowing that the long road to recovery is better than the alternative.

“I’m so happy to have my child,“ says Sandi. “At the same time I’m so heartbroken for the families that have lost their children, there’s some guilt too.“

After his surgery and recovery, Kit plans to return to Georgia Southern in the fall to continue his degree in international studies.

He hopes to play lacrosse again too.

If you would like to donate to the afghan school supply drive.

You can drop off new or gently used notebooks, pens, pencils, and backpacks at Colonial Quilts at 11710 Largo Drive in Savannah, or at the WSAV studios at 1430 Victory Drive.


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  1. Happy to see Spc.Lowe is active, he is a OUTSTANDING soldier in my book. have a great time in Germany Liisa. all my best.

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  3. The Thunder Run has linked to this post in the blog post From the Front: 12/07/2009 News and Personal dispatches from the front and the home front.

  4. Congratulations on a successful school supply drive! What a great thing to do.

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