Change to the change to the change

Our mission was two-fold.  First we would drive to FOB Airborne and drop off a 5-ton loaded with supplies.  Then we would pick up a brigade member along with some vital communication equipment and transport it to Bagram Air Field.  At BAF, we would pick up one of our team members who is returning from R&R leave and drop me off at the terminal so I can start my R&R leave in a few days.

The night before our mission, our 2 AF Captains were busy planning the CONOP and I was busy reviewing the maps and the routes we would take.  Oh did I mention this would be my virgin trip driving an MRAP and I would be the lead vehicle.  Note:  I didn’t have time or access to post about the 3 days I spent at MRAP training last week.  In the future, I will revisit this topic and you will find some humor in it.  Anyhow, it was getting late and I was busy making last minute preparations, packing my bags for vacation along with the necessary gear needed for this mission.  Everything seemed to be going as planned.  Then we were informed we would have to pick up 5 more individuals.  This created a problem because our bump plan would not support this.  The bump plan is having enough spare seats so if a vehicle breaks down; you are still able to transport all of the passengers.  As a result, we had to change the CONOP and add another vehicle.

We ate a hot breakfast and met at the vehicles.  The AF Captain gave us our mission brief and before long we were leaving the camp gates.  Somehow in my haste, I managed to grab 2 right-handed gloves, but I would have to make do.  We traveled a few miles through the city when the radio was interrupted.  One of the MRAPs in the convoy was overheating.  By now we were entering the busy market area and a decision needed to be made fast.  The Capt as the convoy commander made a wise decision to turn around at the round-a-bout and return to camp.  Meanwhile the engine temperature of this vehicle was increasing.  This was not the place to break down and get out and hook up a tow-bar.  So we made a decision to keep driving until we could pull off to let the engine cool down.  After a short halt, the engine check light went out and this vehicle was able to limp back to camp.  The mechanics diagnosed it as a bad water pump.

So now we were scrambling to find another vehicle.  The Brigade officer scrubbed our mission to Airborne and insisted we drive straight to BAF and pick up these Marine VIPs.  He even diverted a vehicle from another mission to accompany us.  Shortly after lunch, we mounted up the vehicles and departed the camp again.  After several hour drive we arrived at BAF.  If you have been reading my blog, you know I am not fond of BAF or the BAFfites.  But if I want to see my wife, then I have to bite my tongue, wear my yellow reflective belt and follow all of the rules.

After chow tonight, I was able to visit the AF Persco office and they squared me away with some sleeping quarters.  As expected, I am in an over-sized tent with 70-80 people.  Only a few soldiers are snoring, but they are being drowned out by the constant take off of fighter jets.  It’s rather refreshing to hear the deafening sound of afterburners and jet engines.  Air Power!!

I visited the MWR center and was able to call my wife on the telephone and later chat with her on a morale computer.  While I waited for a computer to become available, I sat in the cinema area and watched part of a western movie starring Tommie Lee Jones.

From Liisa, SMSgt Temple’s wife: He could not send his photos today. Hopefully I can get them tomorrow and add them to this post.


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  1. happy to hear,he’s almost free of that mess. have a good time on R&R. you must have cleared the foo.?

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